Saturday, April 25, 2015

Event Poster

For this project, I created an event poster of any event of my choosing. The event that I choose was the Plaza Lighting Ceremony in Kansas City, MO. The lighting ceremony happens every year on Thanksgiving night and continues through the holiday season. Every Kansas City native has been to the ceremony at least once in there lives, and even the local TV stations televise the event. Being a Kansas City native myself, I decided to do this event for my poster.

On the poster I focused on the towers and the inspired Spanish architecture of the buildings within the Plaza, along with the color strand lights that are used on the towers. The overall design of the poster is inspired by art deco poster designs.

Lastly, this is not the real poster that is going to be used this year, but this is just a project I did in class, and the times and ending date might be incorrect.


Final Drawing before Digital Painting

Plaza Lights Event Poster
Photoshop & Illustrator
April 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

BFA Piece 4- Safari Adventure

For my last piece of my BFA, I have two children pretending to be on a safari adventure.  While they are both sitting up in a tree, they look out onto the savannah and see a curious giraffe approaching them. A boy gets out his telescope (which is a paper towel tube), to get a closer look, while the girl tries to reach out and pet the giraffe.


Final Drawing

Safari Adventure
Acrylic and Ink on Illustration Board

Thursday, April 16, 2015

BFA Piece 3- Superheroes

For my BFA piece 3, I have two children pretending to be superheroes. While they are out saving the world, they received the news that a small monkey is trapped inside of a box. When the children got to the box, there were squirrels all around, some flying out of the scene of the crime. Are the flying squirrels guilty or not guilty of trapping the poor monkey in the box? We may never know.

(Left: Thumbnails, Right: character sketches)

Final Sketch

Acrylic and Ink on Illustration Board

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BFA Piece 2- Pirate Adventure

For piece 2 of my BFA, I illustrated two boys pretending to be pirates out on the sea. While they are sailing, an octopus comes and attacks their ship. One of the boys tries to throw a ball at, but the octopus takes the ball away before he even had a chance to throw it.
The boy's ship is made out of a cardboard box, and the steering wheel is a bike wheel.

(Left: Thumbnails, Right: Character Sketches)

Final Drawing

Pirate Adventure
Acrylic and Ink on Illustration Board

Sunday, April 12, 2015

BFA Piece 1- Sword Play

I know that I have been not posting up on here very often this year, especially when it comes to my illustrations. All semester long I have been busy working on and putting together my BFA. The next several days I will be posting-up all 4 of my BFA pieces along with their processes of how I made them.

My BFA is inspired by the imagination of the child through play.  All of the props that the children are engaged with are ordinary items that are found around the house. Each of the environments show what the children envision, and how they use these props to create an imaginary environment that is real to them. Each of the scenes are from memories of my own childhood, and the games I used to play with my brother and friends.

This piece is of two girls playing and pretending to be knights and princess sword fighting. Even though what they are you using to play with are either toys or objects found around the house, the viewer can see what and where they are, just using their imaginations.

Left- Thumbnails. Right- Final Sketch

Color and Media tests

Sword Play
Acrylic and Ink on Illustration Board