Sunday, April 12, 2015

BFA Piece 1- Sword Play

I know that I have been not posting up on here very often this year, especially when it comes to my illustrations. All semester long I have been busy working on and putting together my BFA. The next several days I will be posting-up all 4 of my BFA pieces along with their processes of how I made them.

My BFA is inspired by the imagination of the child through play.  All of the props that the children are engaged with are ordinary items that are found around the house. Each of the environments show what the children envision, and how they use these props to create an imaginary environment that is real to them. Each of the scenes are from memories of my own childhood, and the games I used to play with my brother and friends.

This piece is of two girls playing and pretending to be knights and princess sword fighting. Even though what they are you using to play with are either toys or objects found around the house, the viewer can see what and where they are, just using their imaginations.

Left- Thumbnails. Right- Final Sketch

Color and Media tests

Sword Play
Acrylic and Ink on Illustration Board

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