Friday, June 5, 2015

Sketchbook Update- Observational Drawings

Since I have moved back home to KC, I have been drawing almost every single day in my sketchbook. Some of the drawings that I have done have been observational based. I have also been doing other things in my sketchbook like a weekly self-portrait (I will post them up at the end of the month), and other fun drawings of creatures (I'll post that up next week). I am starting to get inspired again to make some artwork, so once I have some pieces done I'll start posting them up.

Also, if you want to see what I'm drawing, sketching, or even painting, follow me on my Instagram, @kathierupert. I update a couple times a week!

These drawings are done by observation. Each drawing was done in with watercolor, ink wash, and ink pen. These drawings were done between May 15-June 2. Enjoy!

(Left- My nephew's toy car model of a Chevy Bel-Air)

(Right- A toy model of a firetruck)

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