Thursday, May 1, 2014

Project Classified Storyboard

I had the opportunity to work together on a storyboard project with Maysa Sem and Aubrey Palermo in my 3D Illustration Class.  All three of us created our own characters for the project; Maysa created the Alien, Aubrey created the scientist, and I created my astronaut. All three of us worked together in creating the storyboard and environment for our characters.

The overall story is about a scientist working in his lab when the astronaut comes in carrying a large alien egg. When the astronaut sets it on the table, the alien hatches out of the egg. Once the alien hatches out of the egg, it decides to close-up the egg and fall back asleep. 

Overall, I really enjoyed and had fun doing this project, and my group members were really great as well!!

Mixed Media
April 2014

My group!!

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